State Flag of Michigan

Flag of Michigan Beach Towels. Detroit,Grand Rapids,Warren,Sterling Heights,Lansing,Ann Arbor,Flint,Dearborn,Livonia,Clinton Charter Township.Time for summer,beach,ocean,pool side,swimming,tanning,boating,tubing,lake,surfing,boarding,water sports fun gifts.

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Awesome Michigan Proud Shirt!

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I call the SHOTS (info on back)

Don't let the government make your medical decisions.  You call the shots.  All the profits will go to Michigan for Vaccine Choice to help preserve your parental and medical freedom.

Coloradan Michigander

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Michigan Thin Blue Line T-shirts

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Michigan ROCKS! Concert T-Shirts

This ArtPrize artist HAND-PAINTED over 25 rock musicians that were born or raised in Michigan - these pictures are NOT photographs! You can now buy a "concert t-shirt" featuring this artwork, and show your pride in Michigan rockers! <br>

Port Huron Float Down

A T-Shirt to commemorate the time we accidentally invaded Canada!

Downriver Top Team

We all know that Downriver Top Team is the best team in the state of Michigan.  Why not rep the set with one of these awesome DTT shirts?

my mom calls it - kids

T and sweatshirt for kids size 4 and up

Michigan For Vaccine Choice - kids

Kids teeshirt and hoodies with  MVC logo now available. All profits go directly to Michigan for Vaccine Choice 503c. 

NMRCC official T-shirt

The official member shirt for the NMRCC or Northern Michigan RC Club