FIT Together Mug

Enjoy your morning joe in a FIT Together Mug.

I Eat Donuts Therefore I Do Crossfit

Let's face it, I love donuts.  I'll admit it.  I sometimes leave Crossfit early to get donuts.  I'm not proud of it, I just love donuts.  Don't judge me, just buy the shirt.

YEAH BUDDY (Ronnie Coleman)

YEAH BUDDY (Ronnie Coleman) <div><br></div>

Powerlifting shirt shirt 2017 love sport

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PR's and Potatoes: Fueled by Real Food

PR's and Potatoes was started by two chicks that love to lift heavy and are fueled by REAL food!  We see so many in the fitness industry that fuel with pop-tarts, doughnuts and cookies....and while we love all of our fellow lifters, we believe real food is the best fuel out there!   So here's to all our crossfit-fam, power lifters and anyone who loves to pick up heavy things and live the real-food lifestyle!  <br> Follow us on IG @prsandpotatoes #fueledbyrealfood #paleo #prsandpotatoes<br>