Announce your alignment with this funny shirt - True Neutral This is how I Roll, accompanied by a 12-sided die in the middle.

Perfect for any tabletop gamer. Wear this while slaying dragons and sneaking through dungeons, or if you're a DM then even better!

Grab your six sided dice, twelve sided dice, 21 sided die or Larp gear, makes a cool gift for party members and tabeltop fans. Awesome tee for pop culture, fantasy, science fiction nerds fans who enjoy RPG. Makes a great birthday or christmas gift tshirt. A great funny fantasy roleplaying tshirt gift for men, women, kids, guys, girls and dragons. Suitable for a player characters (PC), games master (GM or DM) or non player character (NPC) alike! A perfect match to any DM's wardrobe, or fan of fantasy d20 RPG dungeon crawl games. Check out the other alignments if this is not the one that's closest to your heart, or grab this one for yourself or for the nerd in your life. No matter if you play a bard, barbarian, druid, monk, paladin, ranger, sorcerer or warlock, this will be a perfect match for you!
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