Explosive Ordnance Disposal LTD

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Vegeta LTD

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I Don't Eat My Friends Vegetarian

A shirt ideal for all Vegans and animal lovers, this shirt hilariously and proudly states "I Don't Eat My Friends" with a picture of a cute cow, chicken and pig in the center.<div><br></div><div>This hilarious Vegan friendly t shirt aims to teach a very important lesson: a real friend doesn't eat his friends. Perfect for vegans, animal lovers, hipsters and the environmentally conscious, represent your lifestyle and raise awareness with this quirky graphic tee.<br> </div><div><br></div><div> Featuring an adorable trio of a cow, a chicken and a pig this clever shirt is great to wear at a comic book store, library, a casual date, on campus or every day wear. Buy it for yourself of that special vegan in your life for their birthday, Christmas or any special occasion.<br> </div>


Proudly showcase your respect for Dr. Sebi and the African Bio Mineral Balance Methodology. 

It's Not Cheese It's Gary Tee

Join the revolution.<br><br>GO TEAM GARY!!!<br><br><br>

Vegetarian Bad Hunter Shirt

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Why Arnold became a vegetarian...

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LOL! Funny Hunting Tshirt

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I am vegetarian

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Majin Vegeta - TS00121TT

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