Reserved for the patriarch of the family, he is the protector, the loyal mate and father who leads the pack with his other half.

true form

WEARWOLF is concept that highlights the strong community of wolf culture: family, loyalty, empowerment, strength and pride to name of few. I've always identified as a wolf since a wee lad and admired how they live and work together to thrive and become the apex predators of their domain. The shirts will feature the wearwolf logo and various empowering slogans that will inspire the wearer and those around them. This is more than a T-Shirt company, it's a lifestyle and subculture that should be as prominent as the animals we pay homage to.  Thank you for your support! 


You asked for it, so now you got it! The popular blood lust design on a hoodie! Stay hungry my friends. Always happy to serve.