The Simple Truth About Men and Intimate Communication

Does the man you love ...
... withdraw and refuse to face issues? ... have problems being open about things?
... frequently misunderstand what you’re saying?
If you’re like many women, you probably take this to mean that men ...
... are insensitive jerks
... don't have feelings like women do ... are only interested in one thing
... just don't get it

Have you tried everything you can think of to make your relationship work?
There’s still hope, so don’t give up until after you’ve read and practiced the principles in this book!

I speak two languages. As a woman, I get where you're coming from. Most of us have a hard time getting the men we love to understand us. It often feels like they're just trying to fix us. So, naturally, I speak "female."

As a mother, I've spent a lot of time studying the male experience. It's been a joy to watch my boys grow into men, marry, and become parents themselves. They've taught me a lot, and I'm still learning from them.

But I've also studied the "Psychology Men and Traditional Masculinity" at graduate and post-doctoral levels, and taught a university class on this very popular subject. What I've learned is that most women don't have a clue about men's experience, and that most men don't know how to explain it. So I've also learned to speak "male."

Whether you are married, engaged, dating, or single, you will find this book both meaningful and helpful in your own relationships with men.
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