This is the second ever T shirt campaign for! We partnered with artist, Sarah Gaudette of Sagauart! She did such a fantastic job and we are so excited to present you with this t shirt that not only goes to support us at The Geek Lyfe but also supports Sarah, and on top of that 10% of the proceeds automatically go to Wounded Warriors!

Highly recommended that you purchase a white shirt.

Wounded Warriors:
Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP) serves veterans and service members who incurred a physical or mental injury, illness, or wound, co-incident to their military service on or after September 11, 2001 and their families. On that date, America watched in horror as approximately 3,000 people died including hundreds of firefighters and rescue workers. Many warriors note a sense of duty to volunteer for the military following these tragic events. Sept. 11 also served as a stimulus for Operations Iraqi Freedom, Enduring Freedom, and New Dawn. Operation Iraqi Freedom refers to military operations in Iraq that began March 19, 2003 and officially ended August 31, 2010. Operation Enduring Freedom refers to combat operations in Afghanistan and other regions in support of the Global War on Terror. Operation New Dawn refers to the conclusion of operations in Iraq beginning September 1, 2010 and ending December 15, 2011. For WWP, there is a distinct difference between members and alumni; the term alumni indicates a mutual shared experience and denotes your place in an organization was earned. There are no dues here - those were paid by wearing the uniform and on the battlefield."

We hope you enjoy this T shirt and encourage you to share with friends! 

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