Teespring Europe
Sold over 3000 items to a sports niche across Europe.
Sold over 350 shirts and hoodies to gamers across Europe.
Sold over 300 items to Dutch music lovers!
Took a successful campaign in the US about nurses, translated it to French, and sold 400 items just in the first run!
After selling hundreds of tees to trekking lovers in the US, Azzy translated the campaign to French and German and sold over 500 items in these markets!

Learn how to expand your business with Teespring Europe.

Why Europe?

Expand Your Reach

There are over 582 million internet users in Europe with numerous hobbies, interests, and passions ready to find their perfect product!

Extend Your Success

Take existing, successful designs and target brand new audiences by adapting them for different cultures and languages.

Increase Your Profits

Our data shows that European shoppers spend, on average, 15% more than Americans. Additionally, lack of saturation means that advertising costs can be significantly lower in Europe than in the US!

Europe at your fingertips, in three easy steps.

Go to the Composer

Choose EU Fulfillment

Launch a Campaign!

Local Languages & Currencies

Pop up your shop in any country

Language and currency are automatically localised for a world-class buyer experience.

Local Printing & Shipping

Faster, cheaper, closer, quicker

European customers now pay 65% less for shipping and will receive their packages 30% faster.

Local support for your customers

In every European language

Customer service is available in 18 languages and in every European timezone.