The After School Reader is a fun and educational book for kids who have seen and enjoyed the movie “Whatcha Gonna Do, Afterschool”. It allows kids to explore their imagination in images, as well as learn new words. At the same time, you can read along and join in the fun.
There are many new words for children to learn. If you don't know or understand a word, look it up in a dictionary or go to ''.
So begin the adventure with Michael, Shonda, Row Row, Beama, Lyisha, Albert, Giggles, Travis, Ethel, J.J., Rhonda, Sabrina, Darnel, Mr. Jackson, Miss Gretchen, Miss Jackie, Shuga, and the rest of the gang all over again. It’s time to enjoy “The After School Coloring Book”. Have fun kids, and don’t forget to do your homework, or read a book.
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