Related to Afro Textured Hair:
Related to Afro Textured Hair:
Dripping Melanin Afro

Living your melanin out loud, this dripping melanin is for you!<br>

Afro Emblem

Clean, bold print of a brother rocking an Afro, beard and sunglasses from the creator of J-Breaks! My first T-Shirt design!<br>

I'm Beauti-fro - Fitted Tank

Available for a <b>LIMITED TIME ONLY. </b><div> <i>Not Sold in Stores or Anywhere Else</i>!<i><br></i><br><div>Text:<br><b>i'm beauti-fro</b> </div> <div> <b>Fro'ed and Got That #BlackGirlMagic<br></b><br>Because <i>we need a minimum of 50 to print</i>, </div> <div> <b>click 'Buy it now'</b><br>and <b>share on Facebook and Twitter </b>with others </div> <div>who would love this message.<br><br> </div> <div><b>Buy with confidence and represent.</b></div> </div>

Beautiful the way I am.

God made no mistakes when he created me. Loving who I am. Being content. Living life the best way I know how.

Look, But Don't Touch

Sometimes a girl just wants to wear their afro or puff and not have to worry about someone reaching out to put their grubby little fingers through it. Also, everything sounds better in french.<div>"Ne touche pas"</div><div>"Don't touch"</div>

Natural Proud - afro big black hair

Take pride in your natural hair!

Afro Girl Ladies Tee (White)

Afro Girl Ladies Tee. Original Design by Bee Harris