The Whale Whisperer

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whales everywhere...

<div>whales everywhere...</div><div><br></div>

Manatee and Baby Manatee

This manatee and baby is printed from a painting by artist CE Turner.

"Nice day, Pretty colors" Tokitae

Lolita  has been held captive in the miami Seaquarium for over 45 years. her alternate name is Tokitae, which means "nice day , pretty colors" wear this shirt to raise awareness for Lolita's plight!  Profits go to The Spirit of "Iruka" ("dolphin" in japanese) Project, an anime to raise awareness for dolphin rights.

Whale Shirt-Killer Whale T Shirt

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Whale T-shirt / Hoodie

Perfect gift for whale lovers!<div>Available in multiple colors, as T-shirt or Hoodie.</div>

Hey Alter - Lach mal wieder-

Das T-Shirt ist für alle, die Morgens schon mies drauf sind. Die Delphine animieren einem mehr zu lachen und der Tag wird gleich viel ruhiger, schöner &amp; entspannter.  Auf gehts gleich kaufen.

Lobster Unicorn - New Crustacean Hybrid

Be the first of your friends to wear the mysterious and elusive giant lobster unicorn.  #BoostedPillow<div><br></div>

Dolphin Humor Funny Fishing Tee

<b>Dolphin Humor Funny Fishing Tee</b><div><b><br></b></div><div><b><br></b></div><div><b>.</b></div>