<p>The Boston Art &amp; Music Soul Collective (BAMS) Collective is a fiscally-sponsored arts &amp; cultural organization that creates innovative year-round programming aimed at promoting music, art and culture to and from communities of color; and support artistic platforms that provide a better way of life for the citizens we serve.  </p><p>We produce two major fundraisers:</p><p><u><b>The Prelude</b></u><b> </b>- A traveling live arts &amp; music series across Greater Boston that edutains, engages and helps all audiences of color redefine how they experience all forms of artistic expression in spaces that are known, unknown or underutilized. </p><p><u><b>BAMS Fest</b></u><b> </b>(Boston Art &amp; Music Soul Fest) - Slated to debut in June 2018 during National Black Music Month, this is a 2-day, fun for all, multistage event aimed to promote and celebrate Afro-centric culture, heritage, and contribution as expressed through art, music, theater, entertainment, dance, and food with a global community. Furthermore, we want to celebrate the global impact of Rhythm &amp; Blues, Funk, Soul, Spoken Word and a Cappella.</p><p><b>$5,000 is our goal to hire (5) local artists to share/perform their work at The Prelude for 2016/2017. </b></p><p><strong>NOTE: </strong>There are THREE types of merchandise:T-shirts | Hoodies | Long sleeves</p><p><i>**Use the pull down menu to select with item, size and color you want to purchase and wear.**</i><br></p>

#BlackMomMagic Tank - Purple

Because children don't raise themselves! Show your pride with this #BlackMomMagic Tank.<br>



My wand chose me

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Black Girl Magic

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