Giant Douche / Turd Sandwich 2016

Spread the word that you don't have to vote for a Giant Douche or a Turd Sandwich in 2016. There is a third option: Gary Johnson! 

Limited Edition God Tee!

Pick up your Limited Edition God shirt today! <span><br>- Global delivery</span> <span><br>- Sizes up to 5XL</span> <span><br>- Women's V-neck available</span> <span><br>- Available in 3 different colors!</span>

SHE IS WANDERFUL!!! is an online boutique that will feature unique and beautiful treasures curated for YOU by ME from my SOLO trips around the world. This shirt is dedicated to EVERY woman that wants to see the world on HER own terms. 

Queer Wardrobe Essentials

This design was inspired by a tweet from a friend regarding the current political state of affairs;<div><br></div><div> <a href="" rel="nofollow"><b>@turbloren</b></a><br> </div><div>if this election has reminded me of anything superficial it's that i don't own enough shirts that imply: 1. i'm queer 2. i'll fuck you up</div><div><br></div><div>So I fixed it. &lt;3</div>

Sig and Tessa

A stylized design of the characters Sig and Tessa, each showing off their signature color and weapons

Logo Tee

The raddest tee in the line. Turn heads with the "Over You" art on the back, while promoting the artist on the front. It's a win-win.

Alexia Raye T-Shirt

MY FIRST PIECE OF MERCH..... EVER! Hope you guys like it. :) This design is only available in a t-shirt because I did a different design for the hoodie! LOVE U ALL xoxo