Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: Human Chess

For those who understand the games the link is undeniable! In both you always need to think several moves ahead, and bring all of your tools into the attack, while at the same time always considering defense. Both call for total dedication to master! 

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The Coolest Girls Throw Darts

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Weapons of Choice Chess Limited Edition

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Shogi Japanese Chess Tee - EU Version

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Wichita Chess Cooperative T-Shirts

Support local chess and look pretty good while doing it! All proceeds from the sale of this shirt will be donated to scholastic chess clubs in Wichita public schools.  Wichita Chess Cooperative coordinates chess education and activities throughout Wichita. More information, as well as times and locations for weekly meet ups, can be found at, and

Board games and chill?

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Scrabble T-Shirt

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I see dead meeple

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Looky Looky I Got Hooky

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Queen of Heart - Love-Design

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