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well here it is guys!! hope you enjoy!!!

D.C. Rally MDSA 2017 Breast Implants

This is the rally shirt we will be wearing in D.C. to raise support of the Medical Device Safety Act of 2017.  Patients harmed by Class III medical devices should have the right to litigation just as anyone else harmed by pharmaceuticals, Class I devices, or Class II devices. Breast implants have been harming women for decades. The same stories have been told over and over. Innovation in implant manufacturing has not changed the devastation that has affected hundreds of thousands of women - and continues to do so. Advocates have been fighting this same battle for years and we are not going away. Join us as we rally on Capitol Hill to restore our rights to litigation and to make our voices be heard.  Breast implants have not been proven safe and are continuing to harm women.

Breast Cancer Walk (Grandma G)

Our t-shirt for the breast cancer walk. Let's represent for Grandma G!

Mom with Breast Cancer, My Fight

Her Fight is my Fight. <div>Support your mom with one of these amazing tshirts! </div><div>Super limited and not sold in stores! </div>


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Breast Cancer Flatbed Tshirt/Hoodie

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Breast Cancer Shirts for Sister-Brother

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Breast Cancer Awareness

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Breast Cancer Trucker Ladies Front/Back

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Breast Cancer Tanker Long Haul

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The AFFC team have combined digital forces with the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc. to raise more money for women and their families affected by breast cancer. <br><br>Want to help? - Purchase a Tee today and help support Breast Cancer Foundation.<br>

Wonder Warrior Breast Cancer T-shirt

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