I love Civil Rights

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Show your support for Women

<b><i>With the threats against Planned Parenthood</i></b>, an organization that provides cancer screenings, family planning, and so much more... time to take a stand. <br><b><i>Show your support for women and their right of choice.</i></b> Our reproductive organs and bodies should not be governed by politicians. #MyBodyMyChoice<div>A portion of the sales will be donated directly to PlannedParenthood</div>

KONJO Apparel

<b>Just a Cameroonian woman aiming to inspire an awareness of self and culture while shedding light on the necessity and importance of human rights and civil liberties in Africa and abroad.</b>

Celebrate the Diversity of Women

<div>Our diversity makes us rich, together! </div><div>Let's make a stand and send a message that we are beautiful in our differences. A lot of different flowers make a bouquet. </div><b>Celebrate Women's Diversity!!!</b><div><br></div><div>Buy yours now! </div>


Nevertheless, she persisted. Yes, yes she did! Let's remind everyone that we will carry on persisting, until our dying day!<br>

"Yuge." #popularvote

<b>Wear your vote on your sleeve! </b><br>Resist with wit.  Trump won’t get it.  But others will. <br>Stand out from the MASSIVE PROTEST CROWD in these sharp designer tees.  <div>**white tee version avail here: <a href="https://teespring.com/yuge-1" target="_self">https://teespring.com/yuge-1</a> <br> Made IN THE U.S.A.  <br>A portion of the proceeds to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center.</div>

Chain Breaker

Chain Breaker. Risk Taker. Innovator.

Your Rights

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woke and awakened

Last year 48 journalists were killed for doing their jobs: finding and telling truths the public needs to know, but truths that those in power try to hide. In America, Russia, Turkey and other nations, media professionals face threats and danger daily. They need protection and often legal and financial help. <div>Let's help them. <div>We need them.</div> </div><div>Especially now.</div>

"Nah." - 1955

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Enough of the Police Brutality. Enough of the violence.


Throughout history, a red flag has traditionally been a symbol of distress, defiance, revolt and civil disobedience. <br>Adopt the Red Flag as a symbol of protest against indifferent, selfish, remote and ideologically rigid government populated by the perpetually re-elected political class. Wear these items and peacefully add your voice of protest. <br>