Business Support Officer We Solve Problems

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Political statement

Refering to the wall against mexico

We will NOT be silenced!

Strong women united for change.<div>#ShePersisted</div>

Mike Pence is a REPTOID!

Let the world know that the reptilian invasion has begun. One of them has his hand up an orange-haired puppet's behind and is making him do evil things! Tell the world before it's too late! Mike Pence is a reptoid! 50% of profits go to Planned Parenthood!

We Won't Give Up We Won't Give In Tee

<b>We Won't Give Up • We Won't Give In T-Shirt</b><br><div><b><br></b></div><div>We Won't Give Up! We Won't Give In. We can't give up nor can we give in during these turbulent times! A rallying cry for all those that believe in freedom of speech and the democratic principles that have shaped the United States! Embrace your inner activist and wear this powerful statement t-shirt to communicate your core beliefs and values.</div>

We Ain't New To This

The common concern coming out of this election is the fear that racism will get worse for Afrikans living in America. But the truth is things have been bad for us in this country and we survived them and continue to thrive.  We are a strong, resilient people and one man will not end us.  We have survived the last 500 years and we will survive Donald Trump.

Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death

Show your American pride with our "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" tee! A great simple and sleek design for the true American patriot.