2 Cool For You!

2 cool Golden Retrievers that were photographed by our 2nd place photo contest winner – Jess Hoyt. These beautiful and well behaved dogs are Nova and Riggs.<br>This fun and colorful artwork is ready for you to wear -  Are you cool enough to buy it?<div>A portion of proceeds are donated directly to Bone Cancer Dogs Inc.</div>


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Life Is Better With Golden Retrievers

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I Can't Bring My Golden Retriever

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Stubborn Golden Retriever Tricks Dog

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Love Infinity Golden Retrievers Dog

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Save My Golden

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Best Golden Retriever Dad Ever

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The Goldens Rule Flowy Tank

Super soft flowy tank  perfect for yoga or warm summer days! 


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A portion of every sale of our custom designed apparel will go to Colorado State University Flint Animal Center whose mission is to "improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer in pet animals".  Roughly 60-70% of Golden Retrievers today are diagnosed with one form of cancer in their lifetime.  <a href="http://www.agoldenwish.com" target="" rel="nofollow">www.agoldenwish.com</a> In loving memory of Joey (2005-2010) and in honor of Nicky's battle with Lymphoma.  <br>