Limited - Computer Science Mom Shirt

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Machine Learning Shirt, SVM

This is the perfect t-shirt for any machine learning engineer, data scientist or simply nerd or geek. If you love math, statistics, programming or computer science, this shirt is for you. Show your colleagues or fellow students that you love Support Vector Machines in a funny way.

Mom With A Computer Science Degree

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@ReadMultiplex Patent Series #1

The first patent granted to Steve Jobs called: Personal Computer.

Fedora is my 2nd favorite F-Word

Fedora is my 2nd favorite F-Word T-Shirt for Linux users


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Property of Data

You won't want to belong to anyone else... 


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NSS Alumni Hackathon Blue Shirt

NSS Alumni Hackathon Blue Shirt



Twins Ctrl V Keyboard

Babies "Ctrl V" keyboard onesie, fun apparel designed for twins. Pair this onesie with our "Ctrl C" keyboard and watch people smile! Available in a wide range of colours for boy twins, girl twins or one of each!