I'm Amazing-my kidneys won't behave

I'm Amazing its my Kidneys that won't behave.  If you have chronic kidney disease or kidney failure or know someone who does then THIS shirt is the one.  Available in many colors, sizes, styles including mugs and neutral tote.  <b><i><u>Make GREAT GIFTS</u></i></b>

Kidney Disease Awareness

<div>We are raising awareness for <b>Kidney Disease</b>, it would be great if you could help spread awareness with us by wearing a Hoodie or T-Shirt. </div><div> <br><b>THANK YOU</b> for your support!  <i>Available with World-Wide Delivery! Including UK, Australia &amp; Canada.</i> </div>


Now available totes and mugs for "In the fight to WIN against Kidney Disease". Mugs in many colors, totes neutral choice. Complete your collection while raising awareness for kidney disease.  

Saving our Kidneys!!

Promoting a healthy lifestyle to save our kidneys.

HOPE for a Cure PKD

Polycystic Kidney Disease, Hope for a Cure, End PKD. Available in several different colors, styles, sizes and mug.  Wear one to spread awareness about the need for a cure for PKD. Get one for yourself, your friends, co-workers and family members.  Great as gifts.  <b><i><u>Available for a limited time.</u></i></b>  

Kidney Decoy!

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