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DEATH’s burning speed and ferocity was only matched by Chuck’s unbending determination to bash out the most boundary crushing interpretation of Heavy Metal. Presenting exclusive interviews <a target="" href="" rel="nofollow">DEATH by MetaL</a> brings for the first time to film the story of Chuck Schuldiner and his legacy through the music of DEATH and Control Denied.<br><br>“Chuck is not only credited with starting a genre sound, but constantly changing and updating it along the way (...) Chuck’s journey included many talented people and you’ll get to meet many of them and hear their stories in this well put together story of his life.”  -Steve DiGiorgio (August, 2016)<br><br>Directly support <a target="" href="" rel="nofollow">DEATH by MetaL</a> by ordering this <u>limited edition</u> shirt, and be sure to follow <a target="" href="" rel="nofollow">DEATH (Official)</a> and <a target="" href="" rel="nofollow">DEATH by MetaL</a> on Facebook for the latest info!

Sundays are for Church and Football

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The Martyrs of St. Peter's Church

<div> <u><img src=""></u><u>All proceeds will be donated to the families involved and used for spreading awareness. You are not <b>purchasing</b> the merchandise for the prices listed. Your payment is a donation and you will recieve your merchandise as a "thank you" for your <b>donation.</b></u><u><br></u> </div><div><u><br></u></div><div> <i>Pray to the Lord on our behalf, </i><br><i>O Courageous and valiant heroes, </i><br><i>The Martyrs of St. Peter's Church, </i><br><i>That He may forgive us our sins. </i><div><br></div> <div><b>The names of the martyrs:</b></div> <div>Madeleine Michael</div> <div>Samya Gamil</div> <div>Sohair Mahrous</div> <div>Rogina Rafat</div> <div>Ansaf Adel</div> <div>Soad Ata Beshara</div> <div>Gehan Albert</div> <div>Rosina Fahim</div> <div>Marina Fahim</div> <div>Niveen Nabil</div> <div>Madeleine Tawfik</div> <div>Verena Adel</div> <div>Ayda Michael</div> <div>Niveen Adel</div> <div>Eman Youssef</div> <div>Samya Todari</div> <div>Nabil Habib</div> <div>Sabah Wadi</div> <div>Marcel Girgis</div> <div>Nadia Raymond</div> <div>Amany Saad</div> <div>Atayat Said</div> <div>Widad Wahbah</div> <div>Angel Anwar</div> </div>

LifeGate Church Tees

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Mt. Vernon Baptist Serve Team Shirts

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Varick Memorial Apparel

We want you to spread the gospel with your church's logo. When you are asked about where this church is feel free to tell them that it's the most #Relevant &amp; #Relational Church in town.

Church Folk Hus✝️le TOO

Church Folk Hus✝️le TOO