LIMITED EDITION-Roundhouse Is Rockin

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sip within a sip

The original design from 2 years ago returns <br>

Thug Life

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Female Hip Hop Head // Tee

Because we are Hip Hop Heads. Period. 

Ghetto Hippie

Ghetto Hippie is a brand that represents me.. Keiara Wu! I am a 25 year old light worker from the heart of New Orleans. I believe deeply in inspiring others to become the greatest version of themselves.  I love looking good and feeling good, I'm sure you do as well. That is why I created this campaign to spread LOVE and INSPIRATION through clothing. Let inspire others TOGETHER! If you see something you like grab it ! Dont forget tag me on IG: KeedyWU or Hashtag: #WuGhettoHippie



Knew She Was A Thug

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Racks On Racks v2

"Racks On Racks v2" printed on premium apparel.

The Villain Tee

He's here to save the game.

Drop It Like It's Hot

Hey potters, give the world a peek into the spyhole! Falling pyrometric cones with the slogan "Drop it like it's hot!" <br>