World Peace BEGINS with ME.

As Ghandi once said, "be the change you wish to see." So is the same for creating a peaceful world. We must become the peace we wish to see. This design is created with the a clear intention to bring about more awareness that we each are adding more hate into the world, or more love. I sincerely believe when WE all become more peaceful, the world collectively will follow. It is up to US, to bring about the change we desire to see. This is my goal for this campaign, to inspires us ALL to begin looking within, and see how can we add more love, peace, and light in this world. With your purchase and the profit generated, I'll freely be able to fund more projects that will add more loving value into the world. With the intention to assist humanity heal and evolve into a more conscious peaceful planet.<br>  With deep gratitude,<br>  ~Rodrigo Ortiz &lt;3


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