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E=MC^2 Equation.

I love being a doctor

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World's Okayest Physicist

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Nikola Tesla's "Coil Electro Magnet"

Represent your passion for Nikola Tesla by wearing one his best inventions ever on this <b>Limited Edition </b>T-shirt &amp; Hoodie.<div> <div> <br>Not sold in stores. This is a special one-time run designed <i>exclusively</i> for Nikola Tesla Lovers.<br><br>Hurry! Campaign ends soon...</div> <div><br></div> <div>Just click the "<b>Reserve it Now</b>" button to choose your size &amp; style and <b>order yours today!<br></b><br>Guaranteed safe and secure checkout via:<br><b>Paypal | VISA | MASTERCARD</b> </div> </div>

Matter and Spacetime

Fundamental physics themed short sleeved and long sleeved shirts for men and women.<br>

Physics Instructor

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Newton's 1st Law Funny T-shirt

-Funny, nerdy t-shirt<div>-Now trending</div><div>-Cool gift for friends and family</div>

No Fear - Periodic table of elements T-S

A t-shirt with the words No Fear made up from elements in the periodic table of the elements.

Replicant in Beta [T-Shirts]

<div><u><img src=""><br></u></div><div>[Scroll to see all colors &amp; styles] - This replicant is still in Beta. Ignore any weird behavior.<u><br></u> </div><div><br></div><div><br></div><div> <u>LIMITED EDITION Design.</u><br> </div><div> <div>How to order T shirts or Hoodies</div> <div><b>1. Click the drop down menu and select your style</b></div> <b> </b><div><b>2. Click "Buy it Now" </b></div> <b> </b><div><b>3. Select size and quantity </b></div> <b> </b><div><b>4. Enter shipping and billing information</b></div> <div>&gt;&gt; <a href="" target="_blank">sizing guide</a> </div> <div><br></div> <div><a href="" target="_blank">Click here to see other science &amp; space themed T-shirt designs.</a></div> </div>

String Theory Thing T-shirt

It's a String Theory thing, you wouldn't understand<div> <br> </div>