Dirt City Roller Rats Original Logo

<a href="http://www.dirtcityrollerrats.com/" target="_blank">http://www.dirtcityrollerrats.com</a><div>We are a amateur Roller Derby Team from Victorville, California.<div>In our efforts to become a Non-Profit group we are selling these awesome shirts to help with the costs.  Please help support us in our efforts and buy one of our awesome Team Logo Adult Styles.</div> </div>

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Dirt City Roller Rats OG Logo

Dirt City Roller Rats is an all Female Flat Track Roller Derby Team from Victorville, California. In efforts to become a nonprofit organization we are selling our awesome Original logo apparel. Please help us to earn money for this 2017 season!

I Smell a Rat Tee

A sport that celebrates the working ability of dogs and the bond and communication between a dog and his owner.  

Eat Sleep Pet Rats

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Save a Rat !

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