I'm Not Clumsy, I Have RP!

Back by popular demand is my this comical but informative shirt.  Let them know that, "No way, I'm not clumsy, I got RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa):  Take a stand and tell everyone that while you may trip and stumble it's not cause you're clumsy you have an incurable eye condition!  Half the proceeds raised I will donate to Foundation Fighting Blindness!


Show your support for everyone that has RP by wearing this shirt!  Purple is the color for Retinitis Pigmentosa and this definitely will help raise awareness!  25% of profits will be donated to Foundation Fighting Blindness!!

Someone I Love Has RP

Created with love, this is for those who has someone in their life suffering from RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa.)  Half the proceeds raised wiill be donated to Foundation Fighting Blindness to help fight incurable eye diseases such as RP!

I Fight RP For Someone I Love (Dark)

Calling all parents who have someone they love with RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa), this shirt shows you fight the fight against this incurable disease everyday!  

Help Find A Cure For RP!!

<p>Helping raise awareness for Retinitis Pigmentosa one shirt at a  time!.  Help me raise money for Foundation Fighting Blindness, for every shirt sold, I'm donating half the proceeds!</p><p></p>

I'm A Woman And I'm RP Strong!!

Here's to all the strong woman with RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa)!  Helping raise awareness against this rare, incurable eye disease all while showing some awesome style!  Half the proceeds raised will goto Foundation Fighting Blindness to help them fight rare eye diseases such as RP!   

Believe In A Cure For RP! (Light)

Show everyone that you believe in an cure for RP (Retinitis Pigmentosa)!  

Eyes Are Gifts (Light)

Anyone fighting RP knows that everyday we have sight is a gift!  This shirt is definitely for all of us!!  

Never stop - RP TEE!

Never let RP stop you from doing what you can do!  This shirt is to help remind ourselves it's not what we can't do, it's what we can do that counts!!  

Fight Against RP (Ribbon) - Dark

Show everyone that you fight against Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) everyday!  Unique style for a rare disease!

RP Warrior - Light

Calling all RP Warriors!!  This is for everyone out there who fights every day against Retinitis Pigmentosa!  Whether you're actually fighting against it, or helps someone battling it, this shirt is for you!  25% of the proceeds raised will go to the Foundation Fighting Blindness!!  

RP Warrior Hashtag T-shirt! (Ladies)

Introducing a unique design, a hashtag t-shirt!!  This one combines my "RP Warrior" concept with a hashtag all in one!  Promotes awareness of Retinitis Pigmentosa in style!  :)