<b>Think about all the times someone has giving you an unwanted stare.  We have all wondered "why is this person just staring...gosh!" Now give them something to stare at! </b>

Locs Dope

For those that extremely LOVE their locs.  You give 0 effs about what others think of your hair. Add this to your wardrobe and let people know how your really feel when it comes to your crown.

Fire Emblem For Strength

Represent your instinct with the strongest face in action.

Shhhh... No One Cares

<b>Shhhh... No One Cares</b><div><br></div><div>For more great designs see</div><div> <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow"></a><br> </div>

It's My 5th Birthday Kids Emoji T-Shirt

It's My 5th Birthday Kids Emoji T-Shirt. A great birthday gift for a special child on their big day. Celebrate in style, let's party!

Zack's Smiles

Smiley face design, custom made by myself. 

Comfortable in your own skin

<b>Embarrassed</b> <b>yourself so many times in life that you truly are <u>co</u></b><b><u>mfortable in your own skin?</u></b><u>  </u>Could <b>you</b> be the <b>entertainment</b> at Happy Hour  relating your stories?  I could and often am. Well, <i>here you go</i>, kinda like 'here's your sign'.<br><b></b>

Bossy Bad Boujee

Bossy Bad Boujee


Director/Filmmaker (born October 17, 1986), professionally known as Flyleeto, is an American entrepreneur ,record producer/recording artist and film producer. CEO of LoudlifeMusic Flyleeto has produced singles for a number of prominent artists in a variety of genres, ranging from Rap R&amp;B and hip-hop to pop EDM and gospel

NOPE Anti-valentine's day Sucker

NOPE Anti-valentine's day Sucker

Pour le fun :)

Tout les profits seront remis à la Société de Recherche sur le cancer, Challenge traversée du Sahara 2018

Writer's Mug

Do you ever notice people are constantly trying to get your attention, usually when you're trying to write an epic scene? or perhaps you're working on some important project, and people are choosing this exact moment to drive you crazy!  If so this beautifully decorated double sided mug is for you! Make sure you check the back side.