Because what does anyone need in life other than that?





Babson Tea

Tea time has always been a communal event. It's time where stories, ideas, jokes, and more are spread among a group of passionate friends - all over a cup of tea. TEA believes that the bitter coldness of work and everyday life can simply be broken with a warm cup of herbal rebirth. <br><br>​Come Join Us for Tea. 

Keep Calm, drink tea and reading books

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Wild Like Whiskey

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Get The Perfect Cup Of Tea Every Time!

<p><b>Do you long for your tea to be made just the way you like it every time?</b></p> <p>If your family or colleagues are constantly making a hash of your tea, this mug is a game changer. It will save you from the horror of bad tea, and all you have to do is point to the instructions!</p> <p>This tea-lovers life saver is <b>NOT </b>available in stores.</p> <p>Checkout now securely via PayPal/Visa/Mastercard.</p> <p>Buy 2 or more and not only will you save on shipping, <b><u>you might just save someone’s cup of tea...</u></b></p>

Funny T-Shirt

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The perfect tea-shirt

Nothings better than getting a shirt with a pun on it, so why not a tea shirt?<div><br></div>

Housewife_alone time-US

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A combination of two of the greatest pursuits in life - drinking chai tea and doing tai chi &lt;3 


A great cup of tea.